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Saturday, May 31, 2003 -- Philippi, WV
The Blue and Gray 5K (CARS #4) (iPO Event Id#: 5531)
Story and photos by E.J. Linger

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Race Start
The rain takes a break for The Blue and Gray 5K
One of the defining moments of American history was the Civil War, and Philippi, West Virginia had a unique part in that war. Philippi was the first land battle of the Civil War on June 3, 1861. To remember this significant battle, the people of Philippi commemorate with the Blue and Gray Reunion.

During the weekend-long celebration, the people of Philippi dress in clothes from the Civil War era. Blue and Gray uniforms are seen on the streets of the town. One of the events of the weekend was the annual Blue & Gray 5K.

The race went through the streets of Philippi. The highlight of the race for the runners was going through the covered bridge that spans the Tygart River. This bridge is the only remaining "double barreled" covered bridge on a U.S. Highway.

Race Pic
Racing for the finish
The timing of the 5K was perfect, it was held between rains. The rain stopped and the sun even popped out for a little while during the race. After the race the clouds came back and the rain started again. The race director (Cindy Kelly) must have known when to start the 5K on Saturday.

Leading the pack of 109 runners was Scott Smith from Terra Alta with a time of 17:02. Coming in second place was Mark Courtney from Grove City in a time of 17:21. Rounding out the top three was J.R. Luyster with a time of 17:31.

Mark Courtney also was the person in charge of timing the race. He was entering everyone into the computer before the race and then had to set up the final times and places of the runners. He had a very busy morning!! Great job and thanks for the timing the race Mark.

To the victors go the spoils
For the women, Ashley Varian from Montrose took the top prize with a time of 21:19. Ashley won by a minute over second place. But, second place was a duel to the finish line with Sara George from Stonewood and Jenna Fogg from Bridgeport sprinting to the finish. In the end Sara came up the winner of the sprint with a time of 22:19 while Jenna finished in a time of 22:21.

After the race, homemade food and drinks were available to the runners, and the food tasted great! A big thanks goes out to the race director, Cindy Kelly, and everyone that helped put on another great event.