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Saturday, July 19, 2003 -- Fairmont, WV
25th Annual Fairmont 5K & 10K Run (CARS #8) (iPO Event Id#: 5539) Story and photos by Heather Bury

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25th Annual Fairmont 5K & 10K
When I grow up, I'm gonna race, too!
The Fairmont 10k celebrated it's 25th running on Saturday, which, as any native West Virginian will tell you, means that it is the oldest 10k in the state. Many have come to conquer the brutally hilly course in it's day. Such noteable runner's as Clarksburg's own Carl Hatfield, and course record holder Tammy Slusser. And many will tell you that it is not only the oldest 10k in the state, but also the toughest.

If the thought of battling the hills of Fairmont for 6 miles is daunting, you also have the choice of running the 5k race. But if you are looking for Clarksburg Area Race Series (CARS) points, the 10k it must be.

Once the morning heat set in, it was time to race. Though both races start at the same time, they run different routes, and of course the 5k racers are in well before the 10k racers hit the final 300 meters on the track at East-West stadium.

Race Start
Heading out for the hills of Fairmont
The first of the 5k runners was no big surprise. Hometown hero Tyler Devault trounced the field in his final race of the year, rapping up a stellar freshman year at WVU. Devault's time of 17:14 was well ahead of any challengers. Devault is now going to take a break from training and "head for the beach".

Josh Wagner of Clarksburg was all by himself in second with a time of 17:54, as third place Mathias Hickman of Fairmont was no threat at 18:17.

The ladies had another hometown winner with Molly Coleman of Fairmont winning easily with a 22:27, well ahead of second place Caryn Wallace of Morgantown who ran 23:58. Rounding out the top three was 16 year old Molly Morgan of Fairmont in 25:09.

Race Pic
Sprinting for the finish in East-West Stadium
The timers had just enough time to wrap up the 5k finishers when the 10k racers came rolling in to the finish.

In first for the 10k was's own Josh Weekley from West Union. Weekley ran the challenging course in 38:25 with Will Hunter of Fairmont in second at 39:35. Rounding out the men's top three was Crisoforo Hernandez of Clarksburg in 41:10.

On the women's side, 16 year old Clara Grandt of West Union proved that she's been doing her summer training by winning easily with a time of 43:28. Second place was Melanie Watkins of Fairmont in 48:18. And third place was 15 year old Anna Holt-Gosselin of Fairmont with a 51:55.

After the race, the runners enjoyed refreshments, random prizes, and some sweet trophies while soaking up the sun on the bleachers at East-West Stadium.