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Saturday, July 5, 2003 -- St. Albans, WV
St. Albans Riverfest 5K Run & 1 Mile Walk (iPO Event Id#: 5601) Story and photos by Ariana Kincaid

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Race Walk
A fine day for a walk in St. Albans
To the untrained observer, it seemed like a perfect day to run... however, to those who have seen many a race day come and go, the deception was plain. Comfortable for a leisurely walk, the day was just warm and humid enough to challenge those competing against the clock or against others. That was what faced runners and walkers in this year's Saint Albans Riverfest 5k Run and 1 Mile Walk, as they gathered in front of the fire station at the loop in Saint Albans.

It's gotta be tough to be Larry Taylor. (No, seriously!) Race directors often refer to your previous accomplishments on their course in their pre-race remarks, pointing you out as the one to beat for those looking to make a name for themselves in the local racing scene. And, if you should happen to have a bad day on the course, those not in the know may wonder what the fuss was about. (Don't worry, those of us in the know, know.) Taylor is a true credit to his sport, though, and is always gracious.

Race Pic
A sprint to the finish
This year, however, on this course, the man turning in the popsicle stick with a big number "1" on it was not Larry Taylor, but David McCollam, with a time of 15:10.8. Behind him was Mike Gwinn, and then the man with the yellow shoes, Larry Taylor, came in third.

The first finishing female this year, as twice before, was Kelly McGraw, finishing the course in 19:15.8. A Saint Albans resident, she made the host town proud with her efforts. Following her were Rachel Cipolat and Kasey Jividen, second and third respectively.

William Riddle, a wheelchair competitor, took first place honors in that category, finishing 73rd overall.

Race Pic
A family that plays together, stays together
In the 1-Mile Walk, Perry Estep was the first across the finish line; the first female was Elaine Holstine. Oldest competitor honors went to Don Bird (who was also the race director, and who finished second overall in the walk) and Linda Johnson (6th overall). Youngest competitors were Drew Scherr, at 11th place overall, and Kara Bird, who finished 14th overall.

Special recognition goes out to Sam Hindman, 57, who had a PR on the flat, fast course, earning a third-place trophy for his efforts. Hindman is a relative newcomer to running who has performed admirably this season. Way to go, Sam!!

Special thanks to Don Bird, Kelly Castleberry, and the City of Saint Albans for their efforts!