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Saturday, July 19, 2003 -- Bartow - Durbin, WV
Durbin Days Back Road 5K (iPO Event Id#: 5741)

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Place Participant Time Prizes
1Steve Babich III19:211st male and person who came the farthest to race (Florida)
2Joel Harrison19:231st male 31-40 yrs
3Brian Casey19:341st male 20 yrs or less
4Rich Lacasse19:501st male 51 yrs and older
5Mike Knisely 20:391st male 21-30 yrs
6Zachary Bowers21:032nd male 20 yrs or less
7Holly Rooper21:051st female
8Michael Stennes21:271st male 41-50 yrs
9Jeff Moses21:562nd male 21-30 yrs
10Jacob Sheets21:57-
11Myron Ripley22:052nd male 31-40 yrs
12Heather Moses22:331st female 21-30 yrs
13Erin Lash22:371st female 31-40 yrs
14Sandra McLaughlin23:332nd female 31-40
15Bob Sheets23:392nd male 50 yrs and older
16Randy Bowers23:462nd male 41-50 yrs
17Ramon Creager23:55-
18Elliot Harper24:27-
19Evan Sheets25:32-
20Mikey Callison26:00-
21Timothy Mallow26:21Youngest racer
22Ethan Lash26:23-
23Rick Bradley26:59-
24Kay Wiley27:101st female 41-50 yrs
25Melissa Robens27:252nd female 21-30 yrs
26Beth Altemus27:26-
27Lindsay Bowers30:111st female 20 yrs or less
28Mark Rooper30:54-
29Skyler Knisely33:22-
30David Birchfield33:41-
31Joel Callison35:26-
32Jeff Goodman35:58-
33Cindy Birchfield37:10-
34Lori Warner37:55-
35Dorothy Sutton42:111st female 51 yrs and older
36Neil McLaughlin42:58Oldest racer