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Saturday, August 23, 2003 -- Elkins, WV
5th Annual Kenneth Cunningham 5K Memorial XC Run (iPO Event Id#: 5672)

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2003 Cunningham 5-K Results:

First Place Overall Male      -     Ian Beckner
Second Place Overall Male     -     J.D. Love

First Place Overall Female    -     Erika Thompson
Second Place Overall Female   -     Mija Khan

Male - 14 and under:       Female - 14 and under:
        Bryant Cummings              Natasha Turner
        Alex Zurbach                 Amy Haveron
        Darrell Ledsome              Brooke Hammer

Male - 15 to18 yrs.:       Female - 15 to18 yrs.:
        Troy Higgins                 Chelsea Metheny
        D.J. Navarini                Rachel Mallory
        Adam Young                   Katie Burda

Male - 19 to 29 yrs.:      Female - 19 to 29 yrs.:
        Joshua Brown                 No Runners
        Chris Premo
        Shawn Dilly

Male - 30 to 39 yrs.:      Female - 30 to 39 yrs.:
        Todd Schoonover              Erin Lash
        Chris Fry                    Jeanine Zurbach
        Kevin Bonnell

Male - 40 to 49 yrs.:      Female - 40 to 49 yrs.:
        Bob Hammer                   Pat Schumann
        Rick Haveron                 Chris Storrick
        Mike Ringer                  Rebecca Burton

Male - 50 to 59 yrs.:      Female - 50 to 59 yrs.:
        John Keller                  No Runners

Male - 60 and over:        Female - 60 and over:
        No Runners                   No Runners

Fun Team:

First Place Men's Fun Team:
  "Red Devils" with a score of 140 - Team members:
  Bryan Reider, Chris Premo, Shawn Dilly, Kevin Bonnell, 
  John Keller, James Johnson, and Shane Morgan.

First Place Women's Fun Team:
  "Rachel's Runners" with a score of 181 - Team members: 
  Rachel Mallory, Erin Lash, Pat Schumann, and Maggie Fry.

2-Mile Trail Walk Event -

2-Mile Trail Walk Overall Male         John Keller

Male - 40 and over:
        Jeff Goodman
        Keven Stewart

No other participants for the walking event.

1/2 Mile Mini-Cross Country Run for Kids 8 to 11 -

      Overall Male         Enza Bond
      Overall Female       Amiah Price