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Saturday, June 12, 2004 -- Fayetteville, WV
Captain Thurmond 5K & Kid's Challenge (iPO Event Id#: 6343)
Story and photos by Julie Black

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[2004 Triathlon Coverage]

The kids race to the finish
It was a day filled with fun in the small town of Fayetteville, West Virginia. A 5K Walk, 5K Run, Kids Races, a mountain bike race, and of course Captain Thurmond's famous triathlon all finished right in front of the court house. Cindy Dragan and crew were up bright and early to show racers to the registration tables.

First to start were the walkers, and though there were few, they still endured the 5K rolling course. Next to start over 33 runners who headed round the grade school, through the residential streets of Fayetteville, and then downhill to the Courthouse.

5K Run
The runners finish downhill
In a flash of blue and gold kicking it in as he rounded the last turn, was the "Ol Buzzard." Yes, that's' what he calls himself, but he's anything but. Larry Taylor hoping to run the 5K in under 17 minutes did just that. Winner of the Read Carney Memorial 5 miler in Elkins, WV, Taylor finished first with a fast time of 16:30.

Adam Coon, who just recently tucked a 16:38 first place 5K finish at the Run with the Law in Charleston, WV, sprinted in for a strong second in 17 minutes. Aaron Taylor, runner and avid raccoon hunter, took third overall in 18:05.

Kids Race
Lots of kids and lots of races
The first female to cross the Courthouse line was 14 year old Holly Rooper (21:41), who dominantly claimed the top women's spot. Local smiling gal Beth Hudspeth took second with a 24:09, and Jeannie Johnson finished third (24:43).

Mark Rooper took first overall in the 5K walk with a time of 32:13.

After the walkers and runners completed their race, it was time for kids to challenge the town's streets. There were so many children that the race crew had to have several heats. Kids of different ages, starting with the youngest, ran different distances. Everyone was a winner as the crowds cheered them on. Every child also received a special medal to wear and take home. It was fun for all, but the racing did not stop there. At 2:00 pm, it was time for the triathlon to start.