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Sunday, July 25, 2004 -- Lost Creek, WV
The White Oak Challenge - WVMBA Pts. #9 (iPO Event Id#: 6023) Story and photos by Jason Black

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White Oak
Welcome to Watters Smith
The West Virginia Mountain Bike Association (WVMBA), continued with it's 9th points race of the season at Watters Smith State Park in Lost Creek, West Virginia. Race director Scott Frame, who's been busy the last few months working on the park's trails was pleased to see his participation numbers more than double.

Watters Smith Park is sort of an undiscovered haven for mountain biking. The 532-acre historical park stands as a memorial to the pioneer spirit of Watters Smith who settled in Lost Creek, WV in 1796. The park came into being when Burr Smith, a descendent, died in 1949 and willed his 236-acre farm to the state to be developed into a park to honor his paternal great-great-grandfather. But no matter how the park came to be, the biking trails have been developed and maintained by Scott Frame.

White Oak
Fawley gains more points
The course was nice and dry, with some banking downhills, grassy sections, but mostly it was the single-track that got everyone's attention. Spectators could watch from many picinic tables which are scattered throughout the park, in the woods and out.

The Experts Challenge the Oak
This day, the riders to watch were WVMBA's leading Pro/Expert Men, T.J. Platt and Brian Fawley. Fawley held the lead to finish first in 2:03:55. Platt trailed Fawley by 2:03 to claim second. Battling for first place with 7 points races to go, these riders have managed to become tied for first in the WVMBA overall points race. After The White Oak, both have a total of 134 points. Joey Riddle finished third in 2:10.

White Oak
Good day to be racing
Women's points leaders Abby Johnson, Mandi Riddle, and Cassie Smith were all on site to defend their titles. On this day, Cassie Smith proved to be the fastest claiming first with a time of 2:33:59. Mandi Riddle (2:34:40), and Abby Johnson (2:35:39), rounded out the top sports for Pro/Expert Women.

Expert Master Scott Root (2:18.12), put a dent in the overall points with a first place finish. He is currently 4th overall in his class. Also 4th in his class, Gunnar Shogren cranked it for fist at White Oak in 2:07:57. Expert Jr. Dan Wilson (2:24:17), holds 2nd in the overall points race.

Single Speeds, Sports, and Others
A growing class, the Men's Single Speed Open had Travis Saeler (3rd in the points overall) sailing in first in 2:11:18. Clydesdale Dannie Joe Hillary (4th overall in points) gaining points 1:49:57 along with Sport Woman Heather Bury (4th overall in points), first with a 2:09:09. Men's Sport (26-34) was Shandon Hime (1:38:14), Boyd C. Humphrey (1:40:44) first place Sport Master, and Sport Vet Joe Wharton (1:43:42). Gaining points as 6th overall Chirs Flick (1:35: 08) grabbled first in the Sport Men (19-25), a huge race class. Womne's Vet Shelly Ware keeps her big lead in the overall race with a first place finish (2:24:14).