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Sunday, August 22, 2004 -- Kingwood, WV
Run With the Law 5K (MAGP #9) (iPO Event Id#: 6226)
Story and photos by Jason Black

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Run with the Law
Feeling great in Kingwood
In the Preston County hills a roar could be heard on August 22, and for a change, it wasn't the mighty cheat river that carved these hills.

The roar came from the roads of Camp Dawson. Chants could be heard round the county from the Challenge Academy Cadets who lined the finish line at the Run with a Cop 5K. This Morgantown Area Grand Prix race is held every year at the camp which lies next to the Cheat in Kingwood, West Virginia.

Run with the Law
The 5K Race gets rolling
The Times, They are a Changing
Pulling up to the guard station check point in my car, I watched the people in front of me. They pulled up and smiled, got their names checked off a list, then went on their merry way. Now it was my turn. "Name Sir." the guard said in serious tone. "Jason Black." I replied. "Are you running today?" said the guard. "No, taking pictures of runners." I added as I pulled out my handy iPlayOutside ID. (This normally gets me in just about anywhere do to our popularity.) The guard eyeballed me and said, "Not impressed Sir. Please pull over. Hop in the Jeep and we'll get to the bottom of this."

While I rode in the Jeep with the not so small Sarge, I began to hear the mighty Cheat River calling my name. Was I going to make a break for it? Or is the Sarge going to put me in there himself? Either way, I knew I was going to get wet. Watching as they were determining my fate, an important looking man out of uniform (but with a crew cut nonetheless), stepped forward to save the day. He turned out to be the race director of the 5K, Joseph Stiles. Not only was he the race director, but he's also the Preston County Sheriff's Department Lieutenant. Stiles managed to keep me out of the river. He also put on a terrific race.

Run with the Law
Heather Bury heats things up
On with the Show
The course was flat, fast and loud. The cheers coming from the finish line seemed to have an effect on all who were present. Seeing the runners stride get faster and their smiles wider as they closed in on the finish was energizing.

Brandon Miles, 3rd Overall in the 2004 Gene's Race, was the first person to finish with a time of 16:17. Women's winner of the iPlayOutside Run for Men's Health 5K, Heather Bury, took second overall on this day and first for the women again in 16:45. Second and third place males were Zack Hawkins (17:48), and Joey Harron (17:58). In the Female Division, Maria Stover (20:00), and Karly Hamrick (21:30), placed second and third respectably.

Run with the Law
Thanks for a great race
So next year when you see a few more police cars in the area, and hear a roar coming from the hills you'd better hurry. You could be missing the Run with the Law 5K. (PS - Make sure you are on the list!)
Thanks to All
Inaugurated in 1998, this was the seventh year of the Run with the Law. Thanks to those who donated the many door prizes. Kudos to Joseph Stiles and crew, the volunteers, the timing crew, and the Cadets who made the finish line feel more like a Mountaineer Football game than a hometown 5K run.