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Saturday, January 15, 2005 -- Deep Creek, MD
UNO's Snowflake Chase (iPO Event Id#: 6604)
Story and photos by Julie Black

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Snowflake Chase
Happy trails in Deep Creek
Cabin Fever is defined as extreme irritability and restlessness from living in isolation or a confined indoor area for a prolonged time. Perhaps that was the motivation in earlier years to race in the Snowflake Chase which takes place every January. This year, there was something different. There were no snowflakes to chase. No snow? Is this possible? As 2004 rolled into 2005, one of the warmest beginnings of winter followed including a 70 degree day in January.

None the less, Jack Frost returned on race day with 32 degrees in his pocket. It was still a warm day to race when you compare it to the single digit days of previous years.

Snowflake Chase
Sixth year for the Snowflake
This January 15 marked the sixth annual Chase. More than 200 participants gathered on the snow-absent road awaiting gun fire. Clouds of smoke filled the air, and 5-miles of rolling pavement unfolded in front of them.

A new overall course record was set this year by Casey Batey who's time of 26:49 beat Jeff Gorman's old record by one second. Seventh overall winner, Heather Bury, regained her title as the fastest woman on the course with a time of 30:34. Bury's old course record still stands.

Snowflake Chase
Great day in Deep Creek
The warmer weather (warm for Deep Creek that is), attracted many new walkers this year. Bundled up for brisk walking, many of them smiled happily as they trotted by. The post-race party was fun for the whole family. Complimentary pizza and pop was offered at Uno's Pizzeria Bar and Grill.

This year's race was coordinated by Garrett College and the Queen City Striders. The proceeds went to benefit Cindy's Fund, In memory of Cindy Kutchman.

    Overall 5-Mile Men
  • (1) Casey Batey - 26:49
  • (2) Ryan Skotnicki - 28:12
  • (3) Daniel Dewitt - 29:20

    Overall 5-Mile Women

  • (1) Heather Bury - 30:34
  • (2) Rebecca Stallwood - 33:12
  • (3) Maureen Hall - 33:33