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Saturday, February 5, 2005 -- McHenry, MD
Asylum Rail Jam (iPO Event Id#: 6685)
Story and photos by Don Parks

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Rail Jam
Riding the rails over Wisp
It felt like a spring day out on the slopes of Wisp Resort in Western Maryland and sunscreen was a must while coats and hats were optional. A perfect day to hang out and watch the spectacle that was the year's first Asylum Rail Jam. A big shout-out to Asylum Wake Skate and Snow for making it possible with their support.
Rail Jam
Award Name
1John Comer
2Adam Wiltison
3Jeff Higson
-Julian Bargstein
-Tony Jewell
-Mark Nestor
-Bryce Quigley
-Josh Reid
-Cooper Thomas
-Trae Wiltison
1Tom Wallish
2Taylor Cabe
3Brian Kish
-Tom Warnick

The format for the Jam was quite simple, hit the rails with your best tricks as often as you can for about an hour. Three judges watch the action and take notes. In the end they compare their thoughts and then come to a consensus on who put on the best show. Future Rail Jams (February 12th and March 5th) they are promising different formats, but you'll have to come out to find out the details as the specifics weren't disclosed.

Grabbing an edge off the A-Frame
The most fun was had on the A-Frame rail and the Rainbow rail. The riders made clean runs on these two huge obstacles look easy. Throw in big air, grabs, spins, and plenty of showmanship and you begin to find out the true big dogs.

It still wasn't easy for the judges to pick just the top three in the boarding and the skiing divisions, but someone had to get the goods.

In the ski division, it really wasn't that big of a surprise Tom Wallish bring home top honors. Trying their best to keep up where Taylor Cabe and Brian Kish who took second and third, respectively.

Skiing like you're on rails
For the boarders it was John Comer stepping to the top of the podium with some nice moves. Moving up to take second was Adam Wiltison who seemed to keep getting better as the longer the jam continued. The final awards spot went to Jeff Higson for third.

One person who didn't take home any prizes but certainly got big cheers from the crowd was Bryce Quigley. In a sport dominated by youngsters barely into their teens, Bryce was the little kid of the group. But up against the older boys he never backed down giving his best run after run. And that's really what it is all about; it sure is nice to win but getting out there and having fun with friends and family sure feels good.

If you missed this one you can join the fun, or just watch the action, next Saturday as they'll be at it again. We can only hope the sun comes out again to shine on the event.