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Saturday, May 7, 2005 - Sunday, May 8, 2005 -- Davis, WV
Revenge of the Rattlesnake - WVMBA Spring#5 (iPO Event Id#: 6748)

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Story and photos by Don Parks

Race Pic
A picture perfect race day
Spectacular spring weather, the scenic beauty of Blackwater Falls State Park, and the rugged terrain of Canaan Valley all came together Sunday for a perfect day of mountain bike racing. A six-plus mile loop course was set up all within the State Park and included screaming fast downhills, long and grueling climbs, wonderful vistas, technical rock gardens, and even a little mud (as is always the case in Canaan Valley).

The weekend marked the return of the "Revenge of the Rattlesnake" to the WVMBA Point Series. Well, sort of. The "Revenge of the Rattlesnake Marathon MTB Race" was held on Saturday as a Red Bull Divide and Conquer Qualifier (and we'll try to get you the results). Sunday's race was the actual Point Series event and it went be the title of the Dobbin House XC.

Chris Phillips
Finding a little mud at Blackwater
The course was a 6-mile loop all within Blackwater Falls State Park. It began with a short prologue loop before starting the first official loop along Pendleton Lake. The beginners would finish after a single lap with the sport classes heading out for two. The experts and single speed riders set out to complete four laps.

Things at the front sorted themselves during the first lap with T.J. Platt chasing Eric Kriberney at the completing of one go around. The beginning of lap two had Platt making the pass on Kriberney and slowly building his lead the rest of the way. His expert men's winning time was 2:07:40 with Kriberney finishing two minutes back at 2:09:58.

Dan Evans returned to WVMBA racing with a third place finish all alone almost ten minutes back at 2:17:01. Used to racing at the front, Evans' mid-race comment was, "I'm getting beat like I stole it."

Eric Kriberney
Kriberney chases Platt
Another eight minutes back was the battle for fourth with Ben Klimas (2:25:03) coming in ahead of Steve Hill (2:26:42).

Actually finishing third overall was expert veteran rider Gerry Pflug at 2:14:55. He easily took the class win over second place Steve Thaxton at 2:28:03.

The women's expert race was won uncontested with Cassie Smith wrapping up her four laps after 2:51:04.

Other expert class winners included Cale DeVall (4:16:18) for the juniors and Alan Doss for the masters.

Race Pic
Finding peace in the park
The single speed class had Jason Cyr (2:24:13) taking his third win of the series and finishing an impressive fifth overall. A pat-on-the-back to Andy Forron for finishing the race on his single speed after giving up about a lap head start with a broken chain during the prolog. With two 1x1 racers getting DNFs, Forron raked in fourth place points for sticking it out to the finish.

In the two lap races, winners included clydesdale Steve Ware (1:35:45), women's vet Ruth Cunningham (1:46:53), women's sport Charlene Vrabel (1:47:43), men's sport master Bruce Williamson (1:23:12), men's sport vet Scott Frame (1:25:43), men's sport Will Cragg (1:18:54), and high schooler Derick Wolfe (1:23:01).

In the one lap races, the winners were men's beginner Garret Stout (50:34) and 14 and under Corey Chambers (52:42). For the 12 and under class, riding a short course, the win went to Rick Nolan (34:03).