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Sunday, July 31, 2005 -- Little Beaver State Park, WV
Little Beaver MTB Challenge - WVMBA Fall#3 (iPO Event Id#: 6771)
Story and photos by Eric Anderson

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Photo by Eric Anderson
The Chainring Challenge
The Tour de France might be over, but the WVMBA Fall series is just heating up. The Little Beaver MTB Challenge was the third race of the fall series, and it definitely was a challenge for all cyclists. With the massive amount of competitors for a first annual race, one might think that this race has been going on for years. Riders from all different talent levels showed up to conquer the rocky, muddy, and hilly course on a beautiful Sunday afternoon.

Although many fell and received scrapes and minor injuries from the challenging trail, the Little Beaver MTB Challenge was a huge success. The experts had to conquer the course three times while the beginners completed one full lap of the trail. Many were doing it for fun, and others came for a more serious racing experience. The course was so challenging that many had to walk there bikes up hills and through muddy terrain, but everyone seemed to come out safe and had a lot of fun, no matter what how they finished.

Photo by Eric Anderson
It's getting hot out here
Within the expert race, it was a fight to the fish line between Gerry Pflug and Joey Riddle. Pflug came across the finish line first with an amazing time of 2:52:34, and Riddle followed close behind with a finishing time of 2:52:51. Chris Phillips rounded out the top three finishing right under three hours with a time of 2:59:59.

All the competitors who completed their race deserve huge congratulations for conquering the hard course. The volunteers and race directors put on a fantastic bike race that provided great fun and lasting memories for all who were involved in the race this past weekend.