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Sunday, August 7, 2005 -- Morgantown, WV
Gene's Run For Special Olympics (MAGP #10) (iPO Event Id#: 6761)
Story and photos by Jason Black

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Photo by Jason Black
Running on the cobblestones
Being a Morgantown native, I am more familiar with Gene's famous chili-slaw dogs than the Gene's Run For Special Olympics. This local legend of a 3-miler plus was established 18 years ago.

The course started in the Greenmont section and runs down one of the oldest streets in Morgantown. This cobblestone stretch is not the easiest part of the race, but it adds a touch of class and nostalgia. Spectators line the curbs outside of Gene's Place, the race's end.

Present leader of the 2005 Morgantown Area Grand Prix (MAGP), Ryan Skotnicki, dominated his field by placing a full 2 minute lead between himself and his competitors.

Photo by Jason Black
Just another day at the races for Heather Bury
Winning with a time of 21:33, Skotnicki, is a local runner who resides in Morgantown.

Second overall finisher (time of 23:17), and first place woman Pro-runner Heather Bury, of Bruceton Mills, WV kept her 5:49 pace to beat her 2002 Gene's finish by a full minute.

Another Morgantown runner was 15 year old Chris Cole who crossed the line in third with a time of 23:28. Morgantown gals Teresa Lyons (29:10), and Laurie Abildso (29:14), rounded out the women's top spots in second and third.

Photo by Jason Black
Ending at Gene's downhill
It was no surprise to see Craig Baer of Fort Hill, Pennsylvania striding to the finish to a first place finish in the Walk. Peggy Thomas of Scottdale, PA, was the first woman overall to complete the Walk.

When the racers were finally able to relax, Gene's provided them with an assortment of fruits, pepperoni rolls, and of course, the special electrolytes with a bubbly kick. Thanks to all who have supported this event for many years. As always, the proceeds went to benefit the Special Olympics.