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Friday, August 26, 2005 - Saturday, August 27, 2005 -- Morgantown, WV
Sprint, Splash 'n Spin Triathlon (iPO Event Id#: 6950)
Story and photos by Julie Black

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Photo by Julie Black
Happy to play outside
Determination, dedication, and dominance, all three words come to mind when preparing for a triathlon. But the Spin, Splash, and Sprint Triathlon adds one more, community. That's really what it's all about, building a better community.

Organizer Chris Haddox commented, "Many people are telling me to raise the cut-off number or let an unlimited number of people participate. But I want to keep it enjoyable. It should be a good experience for everyone." And that it was, with over 250 racers, the event is a growing success with a purpose. The triathlon raises money for the Mon County Habitat for Humanity. It also highlights Morgantown's superb recreational facilities (BoParc) and encourages people of all ages to exercise. Haddox and his son participated as well.

Photo by Julie Black
Feeling thier oats...
Even local celeb, Megan Durst, of 102 WVAQ was on the scene racing and announcing the finishers to the crowd of spectators. Speaking of local celebrities, no stranger to the triathlete world, is Vinne Monseau. He's an Ironman competitor who in 2004 competed in the world championship held in Hawaii. Monseau is involved with many of the events that lead up to Morgantown's triathlon including the children's race. Monseau remained the reigning champ of this year's Spin, Splash, and Sprint with a time 48:53. Vinnie is a physician at MedExpress in Morgantown.

The battle for second place was on as soon as the runners hit the pavement to see the finish line ahead. Brandon Merritt and Derek Clark high stepped it to the line to finish within 3 seconds of one another. Merritt, winner of the 2005 Stonewall Triathlon, Weston, WV, emerged as 2nd overall (51:05.10). Member of the WVU Cycling Team in '99 and long time local runner, Derek Clark, claimed 3rd in 51:05.13.

Photo by Julie Black
Martha Michael and Hannah Vernon battle for second place
The women's race for first was equally close. Overall top two females of 2004, Hannah Vernon, and Martha Michael were set to repeat their top spots for 2005. The difference this year is that Vernon closed in quickly in the end to close the gap to seconds. As they ran for the finish, both women looked determined to be first, but Michael held onto her lead to grad the overall women's spot by 4 seconds. Her time was 57:02.07. Avid Pro mountain biker, Betsy Schauer, claimed 3rd in 1:00:13.

Thanks to the Sprint, Splash and Spin Committee Members, Colleen Harshbarger, Jay Wilkinson, Chris Haddox, Chet Parsons, Ronna Monseau, Premier Landscapes, Ben Warner, Beth Halterman, the BOPARC Staff, and Tim Nelms. And thanks to the Marilla Park & Pool, West Virginia University Hospitals, University Health Associates, the Dominion Post, and many, many other local sponsors, this event continues to be a benefit for the community and it's habitants.