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Sunday, September 25, 2005 -- Snowshoe, WV
Cheat Mountain Challenge (iPO Event Id#: 7086)
Photos and story provided by Snowshoe Mountain Resort

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Photo by Snowshoe Mountain
Scenic riding in the hills of WV
This ride featured nearly 10,000 feet of climbing with the entire route being rode on the scenic back roads of Pocahontas County. The scenery was unforgettable, and the perks were provided by Snowshoe Mountain Resort.

Snowshoe Mountain and the West Virginia Cycling Foundation teamed up in 2005 to present the Cheat Mountain Challenge Century Ride together. The beautiful mountains of Snowshoe and Pocahontas County were the venue for cyclists from across the region. Former U.S. Road Champion and current U.S. Masters Crit Champion, Scottie Weiss, joined riders this year.

Photo by Snowshoe Mountain
Thanks riders, see you in 2006!
Congratuations to all the Cheat Mountain Challenge riders and thanks for making this event a great success. Snowshoe hopes to see you all next year.

Read this rider's comments about the event and course...
"Since I will be working the Cheat Mountain Challenge on September 25th, I decided to preview the ride with twelve other guys in early August to smoke out any issues. There is good news and bad news. I'll give you the good news first. This is one awesome ride!

It has everything - beautiful scenery, tortuous uphills, winding downhills that last for ever, flat smoking fast sections where a strong group of guys can cruise at 30 mph, friendly people and virtually no cars or dogs. Now for the bad news - it's HARD!

Formerly a strong rider, I haven't done much riding lately and hadn't ridden over fifity miles in months nor done a century in years. So I tried to draft as much as I could, take the climbs as easy as I could and conserve my energy wherever possible, while eating and drinking as much as I could hold. It worked. I did it without cramping, but boy was I tired at the end. I loved it too.

The course is great. The first sixty miles aren't too hard, but they still include three climbs. More importantly, though, it includes one of the most beautiful, winding downhills I have ever been on out of Watoga State Park. It just never quits. The biggest climbs don't come until after sixty miles. That's when the Highland Scenic Highway starts.

The climbs are long and merciless, but the panoramas at the top are more than worth it. From there the cruise to the base of Snowshoe Mountain is sweet - provided one hasn't burned too many matches by then. And you better not, because the course finishes with the six-plus mile long Snowshoe climb. I would love to do this ride again with support so I wouldn't have to lug all that water and food around.

Those coming to the Cheat Mountain Challenge on September 25th are lucky. My advice? Be there or pedal squares!

---Craig Slaughter