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Saturday, July 7, 2007 -- Parkersburg, WV / North Bend State Park
Adventure Pursuit Triathlon - WVMBA Sanctioned (iPO Event Id#: 10059)

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Adventure Pursuit photo by Bob Anderson
2007 Adventure Pursuit Triathlon photo by Bob Anderson
By Adventure Pursuits's Kim Broughton

I've been in charge of the triathlon for 10 years now. This year I had 2 partners, Nancy Miller and Amanda Williams. It made all the difference in the world. Every single one of us is a volunteer as was everyone who worked the race. For whatever reason, those folks chose to spend their day helping us manage this fund raiser.

I can't even begin to explain the amount of time and work that goes into pulling off this event and we thank each and every volunteer from the bottom of our hearts. We thank every athletes who came to the event and every sponsor who helped us cover some of the costs. We want to say a special thanks to the staff of North Bend State Park.

What a fabulous group of people and what a beautiful park. I wanted to include a short recap from Amanda. It pretty much says it all.

AAdventure Pursuit photo by Bob Anderson
2007 Adventure Pursuit Triathlon photo by Bob Anderson
This year's triathlons was our most successful, most fun, had the most participants one yet. One day, five races, a chance for anyone to give it a try. North Bend State Park is a wonderful and challenging venue. The folks there are wonderful that they made our job easier. I also can't say enough about the AWESOME pool of volunteers who helped that day.

Without their support, assistance and participation we couldn't do this event. And what about our sponsors?? Not only do they support us financially, but many of them were on sight the day of the race - helping out, feeding us, helping the athletes. This was my first year to work behind-the-scenes (and not as an athlete) and I can truly attest that there are some mighty fine folks that participate in this race and who work behind the scenes.

The people involved in this event are genuine, sincere and hard working. Was it tiring and sometimes crazy?? You bet! But, I wouldn't trade a second of it. This event transformed many lives - for the better.