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Saturday, July 28, 2007 -- Friendsville, MD
The Upper Yough Down River Race (iPO Event Id#: 10408)

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On Saturday July 28th, water level 2.05', The Upper Yough had a little extra water due to consistent daily thunder showers. Having a fluffy run counts for padding the thousand rocks you have to key off of during this race.

Racing from Gap Run stretch rocks to Kendall pool, Geoff Callhoun and Chara Whittemore raced to Glory positions wining the coveted Legacy Cups. Scott Merininger with his bad swim at Tommie's Hole, and barefoot walk out, wins the dreaded steering wheel of misfortune.

Quite possibly the hardest wildwater race in the world, some remarkable participation occurred. Dustin Stough and Jeremy Stump both still in high school and just recent Upper Yough paddlers raced in their first Upper Yough Race, and did well I might add. There are dozens of great stories which were all shared at the Yough River Festival. Thanks to all the participants, we had a great day/evening on the Upper Yough.

Jess Whittemore