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Saturday, February 13, 2010 -- Morgantown, WV / Star City Park
Star City Park SOWV Polar Plunge (iPO Event Id#: 12432)


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2010 Registration at: [SOWV Polar Plunge Web Site]

About this Event ...

This is the sixth year for the Polar Plunge in West Virginia! Be among the many to take a plunge for a purpose, as all proceeds go to support Special Olympics of West Virginia (SOWV) athletes, the many games, and training events throughout the year in West Virginia. Costumes are encouraged!

Polar Plunge Photo by Julie Black
iPlayOutside will be taking photos!

The Polar Plunge is a unique opportunity for individuals, organizations, and businesses to support SOWV by jumping or slowly crawling into the Monongalia river at Star City Park on February 13th. You must wear shoes!

If your family and friends are too chicken to take the plunge, have them show their support by making a pledge to a braver soul and invite them to watch all of the exciting action in person and enjoy the after party.

To Register

In order to participate be sure to raise a minimum of $50 for the privilege to plunge.

Raising more is encouraged and prizes go to individuals and groups who raise the most. All proceeds collected by plungers benefit the Special Olympics of West Virginia (SOWV) athletes, the many games, and training events throughout the year in West Virginia.

Forms are available at the official [Star City Park SOWV Polar Plunge Web Site]

Location ** NO Shuttle this Year ** parking is available at the site

Star City Park, 371 Frontier Avenue, Morgantown, WV‎ 26501 [Google Map]

The plunge is held at Star City Park located along the Monongahela River in Star City, WV. Follow University Avenue to the river and you will run right into Star City Park beside 84 Lumber, the rail-trail and the Community Build Playground.


Everyone who takes part in the Polar Plunge will earn incentives based on the amount of the contribution.

  • $50 = Participation in the plunge and t-shirt
  • $200 = Towel along with plunge and t-shirt
  • $350 = Fleece along with towel, t-shirt and a chilling plunge
  • $500 = A gift certificate for dinner at a local restaurant along with a fleece, towel, and t-shirt.

To qualify for awards and prizes all contributions must be turned in by 1:30 pm on the day of the Plunge.

  • Individual (most money raised) -- receive a weekend get-away
  • Team of 4 (most money raised) -- receive a weekend get-away
  • Costume Contest (Individual and Team) -- receive a weekend get-away
  • Mega Team 5+ with money over $2000 -- a wonderful Plunge Plaque

Incentives will be given at the Plunge site. Stay after the plunge and enjoy great food, fun and beverages while you wait for the totals to be calculated. The awards and prizes will be given out at Star City Park as soon as the totals are calculated.

Where can I change before and after the plunge?

We will have a male and female changing tent so if you are not too modest you will have a breeze free place to change into or out of your suit. The changing tents are heated for Plunger comfort.

After Party and Prizes

This year the after party will be at the plunge site so plan on staying around for about an hour to see who wins. During the after party all the prizes will be awarded to the individual raising the most money, the team of four that raises the most money, the team challenge winners and the best individual costume and the best team costume.

What is the plunge?

The actual plunge is where all the plungers race into and then frolic in the Monongahela River within a safety perimeter established by the EMS dive team. Plungers set their own personal goals of how deep to go and how long they want to stay in; within the limits established by the EMS divers. Some plungers only get their ankles wet, others stay in and frolic until the dive members make them leave the water. Going completely underwater is discouraged since it makes it harder for the divers to determine individuals in distress. The deepest part of the water at the plunge site is about 4 feet.

Polar Plunge has always used EMS and dive teams from Monongalia County and the City of Morgantown to keep the plungers safe. Our event is a fun and wacky event, but there is some risk from the water being so cold and winter storms can really raise the currents. These highly trained individuals consider air and water temperature, current strengths, amount of debris in the water, and other surf conditions to decide both a maximum time plungers are allowed to stay in the water and how deep plungers can go.

Some veteran plunger tips.

*** You must wear something on your feet. (The gravel is incredibly cold and we don't want to risk you cutting your feet on something below the waters surface.)

*** Find a good plunge buddy and stay with them the entire time.

*** Bring a sweat suit to throw on right away when you're done.

*** Wait until after you plunge to indulge in adult beverages!

*** Make it a weekend and get a hotel room. Its fun to party at the plunge and that hot shower feels soooo good afterwards. Pair up with a friend to get one hotel room. One can stay Friday night, one can stay Saturday night, all can enjoy that shower without check-out/in worries!

Find out more about Morgantown, WV at:

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Start Date: 2010-02-13
Event Name: Star City Park SOWV Polar Plunge
Location(s): Morgantown, WV 26505
Star City Park, 371 Frontier Ave. Morgantown, WV 26505
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Contact(s): Special Olympics West Virginia
   Phone: 800-926-1616
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