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Saturday, October 6, 2012 -- Clarksburg, WV
FBI Jerry Dove Memorial 5K (iPO Event Id#: 13955)

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Honoring the Past as Course Record is Broken

Story and photos by Julie Black.

FBI Agent, Jerry Dove
FBI Agent, Jerry Dove
Jerry Dove was a former Dunbar, WV resident who went to West Virginia University and Marshall University. He worked for the West Virginia State Police before joining the FBI. He was killed in 1986 during a shootout with two bank robbery suspects in Miami, Florida. It made national news. In 1988, the story was made into a T.V. movie, In the Line of Duty: The F.B.I. Murders, and there have been many other events and dedications to commemorate what has been described as the bloodiest shootout in FBI history.

The first annual FBI Jerry Dove Run and Walk was held in 2001, just 18 days after 9-11. Patriotism was in the air as everyone bowed their heads to honor fallen Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) agent Jerry Dove and other agents, firefighters, police men and women, soldiers and the many others who died in the line of duty. There were also moments to remember the innocent victims, their families, and friends. More than 230 racers showed their support 12 years ago, and today that number has nearly doubled.

Racers in 2012
More than 400 people race in 2012
A lot can happen in 12 years. In 2005, National Geographic magazine printed an article about the Clarksburg, West Virginia FBI Criminal Justice Information Services Division (CJIS) Complex, where the race is held.

There is very limited access, but racers and spectators are invited to enjoy the visitors center and gift shop plus the many tents of vendors and free samples. The police, guards, and swat team-like entrance is part of the fun. It's almost surreal at times and if you have a camera, it gets even more interesting.

Jump to June 2012 in Charleston, WV and we find another FBI Center, a state-of-the-art $13 million facility, built in the state's capitol named in the honor of Jerry Dove.

David McCollam
David McCollam breaks the course record
On Saturday, October 6, 2012, the Dove legacy continued with more than 400 racers running and walking on Jerry Dove Drive in the annual 5K. A bone chilling wind and rain showered the CJIS campus, but participants stayed, waiting for their chance to race.

Despite Mother Nature's efforts to drive us all back inside, the overall course record held by Larry Taylor (2004) was broken by 33 year old David McCollam who won the 5K run with a time of 16:20. Blanka Skaggs (22:55) was the first woman to finish.

The 5K concluded with the Kids-K, where children of all ages ran in different heats, and shorter or longer distances depending on their age.

The kids enjoyed the puddles and rain, splashing as they ran to get their medals.

Julie Minnocci, Race Coordinator
Julie Minnocci, Race Coordinator
"We had a pretty big turn-out. There were a lot of people here today even though it rained and it was cold, we still had a great turn out. We have a great committee, we have a huge race crew, people come out and volunteer and we couldn't do it without them. So, we hope to continue it for years and years to come," said Race Coordinator Julie Minnocci to Erin MacPherson of WDTV-Channel 5.

Julie and her husband John have done a wonderful job helping to put this event together for quite a few years now. The race is always held on a Saturday in either September or October whenever there is an away WVU football game.

Next year the Minnocci's plan to step-down from being the head coordinators, but they will still continue to be on the committee. "We know that our committee will continue to do a great job." She said with a smile as the rain came down on the bill of her hat. "We'll be there to help them along. This is a special event that will continue for years to come."