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Saturday, May 31, 2014 -- Beckley, WV
"It's a Hospice Thing" 5K Memorial Walk/Run (iPO Event Id#: 15137)

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1Michael Hayworth1Male Winner19:16
2John Ledahawsky145 to 4919:17
3Jamie Allenbaugh1Female Winner19:48
4Nick Massey130 to 3419:51
5Byron Shrewsberry140 to 4420:01
6Rachael Cardin120 to 2420:19
7Billy Fox245 to 4920:48
8Ryan Lippard115 to 1921:19
9Brandon Hampton215 to 1921:26
10Zeeshan Tanner230 to 3422:06
11Dave Ray330 to 3422:14
12Jesse Johnson240 to 4423:02
13Ethan Toombs114 and Under23:23
14Joey Fama430 to 3423:35
15Kayla Bishop220 to 2424:17
16Nathan Fell530 to 3424:30
17Jack Toombs630 to 3425:00
18Hilary Nicolay730 to 3425:19
19Denise Stump135 to 3925:19
20George Ford830 to 3425:26
21Madalyn Childs214 and Under25:30
22Terry Hoskins340 to 4425:37
23Mark Bishop345 to 4925:40
24Kim Ratliff235 to 3925:46
25Teddy Dixon445 to 4926:44
26Thomas Bailey440 to 4426:45
27Bruce Blankenship160 and over27:00
28Rita Meador545 to 4927:20
29Joe Cantley314 and Under27:37
30Kelli Greco645 to 4927:50
31Melanie Stewart540 to 4427:53
32Michael Hayworth640 to 4428:03
33Jennifer Ude930 to 3428:23
34Ally Carter315 to 1928:28
35Terri Scott150-5928:41
36Butch McNeely260 and over29:02
37Rhonda Culicerto250-5929:16
38Sean Noland1030 to 3429:34
39Pio Deflaviis550-5929:40
40David Jasper335 to 3929:43
41Jamie Ledahawsky745 to 4929:47
42Ron Moreland845 to 4930:02
43Sally Jarrett350-5930:25
44Larry Burnell125 to 2930:29
45Jenny Powell-Fell1130 to 3430:42
46Josh Carter320 to 2430:59
47Jim Wilson360 and over31:01
48Mark Lucas450-5931:18
49Amanda Zari225 to 2932:03
50Jade Shaw415 to 1932:25
51Carley St. Clair515 to 1932:38
52Ray Ginger1230 to 3432:39
53Jerry Bonds460 and over32:40
54Meghan Hickman740 to 4432:47
55Autumn Iannamorelli1330 to 3433:36
56Jackie Cales840 to 4433:50
57Maggie Lilly420 to 2434:15
58Macre Pach414 and Under34:56
59Jennifer Pack560 and over34:56
60Danny Carter945 to 4935:05
61Whitney Cromer514 and Under35:18
62Eddie Bonds520 to 2435:39
63Heather Ratcliff615 to 1935:40
64Amanda Fraley325 to 2936:23
65Brooklyn Meador715 to 1936:45
66Jen Christiansen940 to 4436:58
67Cooper Childress614 and Under37:25
68Lois Deweese1045 to 4937:29
69Kathleen Harris435 to 3937:54
70Melissa Lusk1145 to 4938:05
71Kelsea Collins815 to 1938:08
72Autumn Bess1430 to 3438:19
73Heather McKinney1040 to 4438:24
74Renee Roark1140 to 4438:25
75Ashlyn Perkins1245 to 4938:27
76Audry Long425 to 2938:33
77Connie Greer660 and over39:38
78Brian Sumner1345 to 4939:53
79Rebecca Torco620 to 2442:27
80Courtney Rosemond525 to 2942:28
81Sarah Massey1530 to 3444:29
82Jennifer Gill625 to 2945:41
83Amanda Gardner725 to 2945:43
84David Browning1240 to 4445:45
85April Harless825 to 2948:46
86Megan Mullins714 and Under48:50
87Abby Johnson814 and Under48:55
88Patty Mullins1340 to 4449:31
89Catlin Stump914 and Under49:32
90Amanda Baker535 to 3949:33
91Renee Pannell635 to 3950:13