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Saturday, May 10, 2014 -- Volga, WV / Race begins and ends near the Carrolton Covered Bridge.
Covered Bridge Run (iPO Event Id#: 15203)

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Covered Bridge Run
The first ever Covered Bridge Run through the beautiful Carrolton Bridge and Buckhannon river valley was held May 10th. Racers came from around WV and surrounding states to participate. All proceeds to benefit VCES (Volga Century Elementary School) in Volga, WV.

"It needs to be mentioned; "what an amazing display of community effort, by-way of hosting and volunteering their time to make this race successful!" -Shelley Yarosh, Race Coordinator

From the glowing faces of young VCES students forming a mighty team to support THEIR school, to the collection of other racers, varying from the first-timer to professional runners and walkers. All are to be commended for making the first Carrolton Covered Bridge Run a favored event!

Caring volunteers worked hard to keep racers safe and to make the event exciting . Philippi Task Force and other families along the river handled traffic control, parking, registering, photographing the race, grilling food, passing out prizes and snacks, even taking time to play with the children.

"The race was very very fun! I liked it because it gave us good exercise and was fun." -Brice Davis VCES student

Winning Racer's Covered Bridge 4 miler:


1. Jason Parks     24:07
2. Gerry Perez     26:14
3. Doug Anderson   30:07
4. Monty Warner    36:17
5. Rick Flowers    36:32
6. Brice Davis     57:21
7. Randy White     57:25
1. Debbie Conner   25:19
2. Sheena Bosley   31:36
3. Jill Phillips   33:26
4. Ashley Workman  37:59
5. Crystal Gray    47:15
6. Vicki Hommes    48:34
7. Jessica Everson 50:40