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Saturday, June 7, 2014 -- Cowen, WV / Camp Caesar, 4868 Webster Road, Cowen, WV 26206
WV RAVE (West Virginia Ridge And Valley Excursion) (iPO Event Id#: 15082)

[Details] [Overall Results]

50 Mile Endurance Ride
1Robert Hughes3:23:42
2Tim Thorton3:30:27
3Lundy Bailey3:42:44
4Arley Johnson3:42:48
5Michelle Babb4:27:44
6Natalie Newton4:27:50
7Adam Romano4:37:38
8Austin Hayes4:37:42
9Bill Adamy5:03:20
10Mike Little5:03:32
11Chris Ptomey5:06:55
12Les Wright5:08:37
13Laurel Klein5:14:28
14Melissa Donaldson5:22:42
15Shawn Mc Cafferty5:22:44
16Mary Small6:01:02
17Brian Angus6:06:12
18Rick Flowers6:06:27
19Jennifer Hall6:07:37
20Carol Hall6:07:52
21Mary Perdue6:07:57
22Stephan Young6:10:57
23Amy Young6:11:41
24Ashley Funk6:12:46
25Gretchen Everts6:23:01
26Michael George6:24:23
27Stephen George6:24:30
28George Cook6:34:20
Metric 100 (60 Miles)
1Mary Hughes4:18:58
2Andrew Dasilva4:29:33
3Michael Williams4:50:26
4William Weber4:56:03
5Sue Pallota5:14:27
6Arthur Currence6:14:05
7Randy Timm6:26:12
8Jennifer Ballard6:37:52
9Rita Pauley6:37:56
75 Mile Ridge Rider
1Aaron Kessler5:16:37
2Tim Arthur5:30:20
3Joe Burgess5:31:45
4Rick Kerekes5:31:46
5Jeff Proctor5:33:21
6Bill Klenk5:33:22
7Anita Swanson5:33:36
8Terry Treadway5:59:01
Century (100 Miles)
1Brian Griffith5:19:27
1Acie Hylton5:19:27
2Rodney Jarrell5:58:45
3David Strawn6:08:30
4Jim Everts6:22:58
5Thomas Branch6:19:49
6Sam Barger6:27:20
7Leon Lane7:24:52
8Kenneth White8:00:29
9Ron Rushworth8:02:09
10Richard Miller8:18:49
11Andrew Tiffin8:18:49
Free Spirit Ride (50.5 Miles)*
1Doris Connell5:14:28
Free Spirit Ride (61 Miles)**
1Hank Seay5:04:00
1Carlos Plumley5:04:00
* Started at Y Mart.
** Made their own metric course. Turned around at Little Laurel Overlook instead of completing the 75 course.