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Saturday, June 10, 2000 - Sunday, June 11, 2000 -- Snowshoe, WV
Team's 24 Hour Adventure
Story by Don Parks with photos by Brad Yurish and Dave McKain

Marty Lamp
Marty Lamp gets it started with a smile for team
This recap follows's Men's Sport team (Marty Lamp, Lew McGrath, Chas Mick and Brad Coffman) through each lap of the race. After each lap was completed they were given a quick interview and I did my best to relay their thoughts.

One vital member of the team that is not mentioned below is the mechanic, Kevin Davis. Without his tireless efforts to ensure each bike was cleaned, lubed, and checked over after each lap, this story might not have had such a great ending. It was a wonderful luxury he provided for the riders and they were all very thankful. -- Don

We have plenty more pictures and event coverage links from the 2000 Toyota 24 Hours of Snowshoe, so be sure to have a look!.

Lew McGrath
The Reverend has no time to preach
Lap 1 -- Marty Lamp (1:56/1:56)
Marty started out the team racing with an average heart rate of 180 bpm and was calm and confident through the first lap. "No major incidents, just one long line of people," the lead-off man happily reported after his lap.
Lap 2 -- Lew McGrath (1:28/3:24)
"Uncle" Lew raced at a 179 bpm heart rate to tear off a fast lap [the team's fastest] and returned with a big smile on his face. "Great... challenging... just enough competition to keep it fun," is how The Reverend summed it up.
Lap 3 -- Chas Mick (1:32/4:56)
The team lady's man, "Neddie" Mick, took his bumps early with a banged up knee almost right out of the chute. To add insult to injury the mouth piece broke on his hydration system and all the water drained out. Shaking off the glitches, The Ned went on to record a great time. As he iced his knee, "It was long, I went nice and slow on the roots," was how he remembered it.

Brad Coffman
Hey Brad, is that a keg of Gatorade

Lap 4 -- Brad Coffman (1:40/6:36)
Brad rode in with a smile after a good lap and simply said, "I'm glad to get that out of the way." As he headed back to the iPlayOutside camp, his thoughts went to, "I need a beer." Taking a seat and a deep breath, he added, "It was a solid lap for me, I'm happy."
Lap 5 -- Marty Lamp (1:32/8:08)
Brad Yurish, one of the iPlayOutside photographers, mentioned "He looked whipped out there." Maybe so on the final climb up Highwall, but he sure turned in a nice time and reported an average heart rate of 168 bpm. As Marty started to nap back in camp, "Sure was a lot more fun than my first lap," is how he voiced his view.
Lap 6 -- Lew McGrath (1:33/9:41)
Getting out for the sunset lap, Lew churned out another impressive time as darkness set in. Apparently he still had time to take in the sites as he said, "It was beautiful out there." Then he warned his teammates, "The roots are getting slippery..." as he began to catch his breath from an average 173 bpm lap.

Chas Mick
A little ice and pain killers, Neddie is as good as new

Lap 7 -- Chas Mick (1:39/11:20)
The Ned cruised through the team's first full night lap in excellent shape. As he passed the baton to Brad, "It's real slippery out there, be careful," he warned. Good advice after Chas's first lap injury. So how was that knee? "It's totally numb, I didn't feel a thing!" he said with a big satisfied grin.
Lap 8 -- Brad Coffman (1:46/13:06)
Lap number two for Brad, riding in the clean-up spot, meant riding through the stroke of midnight. "I think I ran 75% of my lap," said Brad "but, I'm happy." That's about all he had to say before hitting the sleeping bag.
Lap 9 -- Marty Lamp (1:54/15:00)
"I ran all the single-track," Marty sighed, having some of the same sentiments for the night laps as Brad. "That was a tough one... that wasn't as much fun as my second lap," Marty added trying to make light of a tough lap in the dark.

Chas Mick
Chas streaks towards the end of a sunrise lap

Lap 10 -- Lew McGrath (1:44/16:44)
Uncle Lew rolled into the transition tent at 4:44am and all he could say was "I am done, I am done... I am done with this lap!" As Chas rode off with the news that the team was riding in 9th place at 2:15am, Lew tried to catch his breath. A veteran of four previous 24 Hour of Canaan races, Lew made a quick judgement, "That was the hardest lap I have EVER done" as his heart rate slowed from its 160 bpm average.
Lap 11 -- Chas Mick (1:53/18:37)
Rolling in with the sunrise, Chas said with exasperation "I ran the whole F'n thing!" But attitude is everything as he went on to admit "The sun coming up sure helped... mentally."
Lap 12 -- Brad Coffman (1:48/20:25)
Racing in the team's first all daylight Sunday lap, Brad came skidding into the transition area announcing "That sure took a long time." But after hearing that he ran another consistent time, he shrugged and said "It felt a lot slower than that."

Marty Lamp
Marty anxiously awaits his 4th lap on Sunday morning

Lap 13 -- Marty Lamp (1:52/22:17)
"I went out too hard at the beginning," came Marty's words after his final lap. "I guess I thought I was going to set a new course record or something..." he added with bit a of delirium lingering. But later in the lap it hit him, " I am done." he said. Marty might be, but the team is still racing. Lew is out giving his best to get in a sub-1:43 lap so the team, in 10th place at 7:15am, can send out Chas for lap 15.
Lap 14 -- Lew McGrath (1:31/23:48)
Shirtless and covered in sweat, Lew flew through a super-fast fourth lap and bragged "I was taking no prisoners... NOBODY passed me!" With 12 minutes to spare, his efforts launched Chas out for a final 15th lap.
Lap 15 -- Chas Mick (1:43/25:31)
Rolling in with a grin, "I felt good out there... tired, but I knew it was my last lap" was his summary. Feeling good about the teams prospects of a top-10 finish, he added "I passed a lot of people." Now it is just a waiting game to get the final results tabulated. So what is his next thought as Team leaves the transition tent for the last time? "Anyone else tired?" he asks.
Finish -- 7th Place, 15 Laps in 25:31

Lap Marty Lew Chas Brad Finish
1 1:56       1:56 p.m. 1:56
2   1:28     3:24 p.m. 3:24
3     1:32   4:56 p.m. 4:56
4       1:40 6:36 p.m. 6:36
5 1:32       8:08 p.m. 8:08
6   1:33     9:41 p.m. 9:41
7     1:39   11:20 p.m. 11:20
8       1:46 1:06 a.m. 13:06
9 1:54       3:00 a.m. 15:00
10   1:44     4:44 a.m. 16:44
11     1:53   6:37 a.m. 18:37
12       1:48 8:25 a.m. 20:25
13 1:52       10:17 a.m. 22:17
14   1:31     11:48 a.m. 23:48
15     1:43   1:31 p.m. 25:31
Avg 1:48:30 1:34:00 1:41:45 1:44:40   1:42:04