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Sunday, July 20, 2003 -- Kanawha State Forest - Charleston, WV
Black Bear Mountain Bike Race - WVMBA Pts. #11 (iPO Event Id#: 5326) Story and photos by Don Parks

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Do you dare?
The Black Bear Mountain Bike Race is loaded with steep and technical single track trails. The types of trails on which mountain bikers dream of riding, and quiver at the thought of wrecking. That's why race director Doug Atkins goes at length to warn riders to use some caution and ride within their abilities at the pre-race meetings. That is why the race has been called by some, "the scariest mountain bike race in the world".


Okay, I said I was going to have coverage up tonight (good start, anyway) but I was telling only half the truth. I did get the Appalachian Classic article, from back in June, on-line! Hey, I also put the results on-line and the WVMBA points calculated and published. I'll get this finished on Tuesday... Also, I just got back from watching Lance on OLN (don't have it at home) and his stage 15 win, awesome stuff.