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Saturday, July 17, 1999 -- Hurricane
Great Teays 5K Run and Gene Fuller 1 Mile Run/Walk
Story and photos by Marty Lamp

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Great Teays 5K
David McCollam on his way to the win.
Close to 150 people convened at Valley Park, on Saturday for the Great Teays 5K Run and the Gene Fuller 1 Mile Run. With the heat and humidity being as unforgiving as ever, it was quite an impressive turnout, especially since this course is far from flat.

Starting in the parking lot in front of the wave pool, runners took off on a course that would best be described as "rolling hills". Although there were one or two climbs that were grueling for some, the course was still enjoyable for most. With most the race (2/3) on pavement, the course managed to combine some cross country running along a mulch-ridden path through Valley Park, bringing racers back to the start/finish line. One mile racers would skip most of the pavement running and stick to the path, starting and finishing at the same place as the 5K.

Great Teays 5K
Kelly McGraw out in front
From the very beginning, it was Mike Guinn(16:12) jetting out in front, but Dave McCollam(16:09) would have none of that. McCollam caught Guinn at about the 1/2 mile mark, and from there the two speedsters would be battling it out against each other until the finish. They ran their first mile in 4:50! When asked what he thought of the course, McCollam replied "It was great, it was something different."

In the end, McCollam would finish first, with Guinn right behind in second, and Kevin Williams(16:34) finishing an impressive third overall. The always fleet Glenn Baldwin(17:10) won the Master's Division, and finished fourth overall.

Great Teays 5K
Michelle Young flying through the 1 mile race
Finishing first for the women was none other than Kelly McGraw(19:14). McGraw edged out in front early and kept a solid pace to stay in front, while finishing over a minute ahead of second place and 19th overall. Roxanne Carte(20:30) ran strong to finish second for the females, while Connie Young(20:39) finished third. Carte and Young finished 35th and 38th overall, respectively.

In the one mile run, Jonathan Harris(5:55) took the checkered flag for the male class, and Michelle Young(7:14) proved very fast and took top honors for the ladies.

Thanks to Winston Gregory for providing us with the results, and to Pat Board for taking care of the timing.