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Sunday, July 30, 2000 -- Morgantown, WV
Gene's Run For Special Olympics
Story and photos by Julie Bertsch

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Gene's Run
Laughing all the way to the line
Mother Nature was dishing out some pretty hot stuff on Sunday evening for the 14th Annual Gene's Run for Special Olympics. That certainly didn't scare any of the die-hard runners & walkers away from taking on the challenge of the rolling, 4 mile course. MAGP points were up for grabs, so no one was going to skip out at pre-race time. Still, this event is so much more than just a race for series points.

All of the proceeds from the 4 Miler go to the Monongalia Special Olympics, just as they have for the past 13 years. With over 200 people signed up and ready to go, those proceeds really do make a difference.

Gene's Run
No pain, no gain... Such is life on the Frohnapfel Train
At first, it looked as if the young guns were going to sweep the top two spots. Taking 3rd in the MAGP's last race, the Brew Pub 5 Miler, E.J. Linger battled Derek Clark around the turns during the 1st mile. There was no looking back it seemed, but breathing down the back of their necks was "old-schooler", Ed Frohnapfel.

Frohnapfel took over at about the 1.5 mile mark, and kept a 20 second lead ahead of the competition to clench 1st with a time of 21:51. "I was watching those young bucks." said Frohnapfel with a smile. "You know, not many people know that there's a smooth line there." he said, referring to the cobblestones, "I just look for where the grass grows, and go." Recovering from lower back injuries and a less than perfect hip, Frohnapfel has been training as hard as his over 40 year old body will allow. "Age and experience will beat out youth everytime!" said Ed with the heartiest laugh.

Gene's Run
It feels good when you know that you're almost there
Certainly holding his own was Connellsville, PA. native, Brad Herrington. Well into the 2 mile zone, Herrington(22:08), passed up Clark and Linger to take home 2nd overall. Clark finally edged out Linger to finish 3rd with a time of 22:28.

Once again for the women, it was Heather Bury who dominated as she did in 1999. Bury finished 11th overall, and 1st for the ladies with a great time of 24:52. "I'm sticking to a 6 minute pace today!" Bury said, tired from Saturday's Clarksburg 10K.

There was a battle for 2nd however, when Maria Stover and Sherri Flohr approached 2.5 miles. Stover passed up Flohr, and held onto her edge to the finish, getting 2nd with a time of 27:22. Flohr(27:39), held her 3rd place lead to the very end after losing sight of Stover.

Gene's Run
George Macek, looking stronger than ever in the Series
McMechen's own George Macek blew away his race walking competition, even after having run the Clarksburg 10K in 43:43. Macek kept a steady stride and swept 1st in 39 minutes and 29 seconds. Bill Cunningham(43:33), and Stephen Griswold(44:52) rounded out the top spots in the Walk.

Gene's Place always has an excellent post-race party, complete with kegs of frothy brew, food, beverages for the kiddies, and great raffle prizes. Providing plenty of excitement for a Sunday evening, this race is always well organized, well supported, and stocked full of prizes, and beverages for everyone.

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