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Sunday, September 9, 2001 -- Blacksburg, VA
The Rowdy Dawg (iPO Event Id#: 3002)
Story and photos by Dana Harshberger

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Race Pic
Like a pack of hounds
There were certainly no shortages of dogs at the 12th annual Rowdy Dawg, in Blacksburg Virginia. Pre-race warm ups consisted of dawg-dodging as well as "kids-on-bicycles" dodging at the Broce's field staging area.

The course, a lollipop shaped affair, had the Beginner categories doing a modified version, and the Sports doing the Loop once, twice for the Experts, and a whopping four times for the "Dos Equis" XXC. There was ferocious fireroad, technical single-track, climbs that left you wondering about the state of your lungs, and fantabulous pay-attention downhills. Also scattered in for interest, were various and sundry rocks, logs and more rocks.

In the women's end of things, in the pro/expert category---Crossing the line first was Kristy Manz, who was followed in by Sue George and Tricia Davis. Kristy took the lead early on, while Sue chased. Despite some cramping near the end, Kristy managed to hang on to her lead to the finish.

Race Pic
Riding a fine line over the rocks
For the Pro Men, Trek grassroots rider, Jeremy Wimpey pulled out the win over Jason Laxton, and Justin Riddle. Laxton, who was like a freight train, took and maintained the lead early on, but succumbed to a flat tire. While he was changing his flat, he was passed by Wimpey, and the two raced to the line, with Wimpey pulling in only about 30 seconds ahead.

Master's Men racer Fred Whittwer, who has a perfect score in the series, again trounced the field, and came into the finish area with a time to rival some Sport riders! Along these same lines is Vet Sport rider Mark Lattanzi, whose time of 2:05, gave him a time a good 10 minutes ahead of his closest competitor.

Also of note is the Family Bashton: Master's Mom, Cynthia, & Dad Bill, Sport-riding daughters, Emily and Rebecca, have come out to the Rowdy Dawg for their second year. Cynthia's goal was to finish before all of the food was eaten! And Rebecca took home the Sport Women's win!

And then there were those who went the distance: TheXXC'ers. The course was essentially the same as the long XC, but with the riders completing "the Loop" four times. Keezletown powerhouse, Dylan Johnston, who is currently stomping through the season, and the series, captured yet another win in the masochist category. He and Thomas Jenkins (2nd) took off like wild 'dawgs' at the get go, blew up 2 minutes into the race, and still ran with the lead for the remaining 40 some miles. Third to the line was Joey Riddle. And another Riddle, Mandy, captured the win for the women's XXC.

Greeting the racers at the finish line, were cool tunes and the requisite rice and beans. A killer prize table also had riders milling around the podium area.

As always, the people at East Coasters put on a great race, with excellent planning and staffing. A big round of thanks and applause should go out to Amy Crawford, and her merry band of helpers, who made the day a fun-filled success!