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Saturday, February 28, 2004 -- McHenry, MD
WinterBlast! Cardboard Boxcar Derby (iPO Event Id#: 6187)
Photos and story by Katy Black, additional photos by Elise Belcher

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Riding the Big Tube at the Cardboard Boxcar Derby
WinterBlast is a celebration of winter sponsored by Coca-Cola at Wisp at Deep Creek Mountain Resort in McHenry, Maryland held on Saturday, February 28th. It has something for the whole family, including a Cardboard Boxcar Derby, a pond jump, the Mason/Dixon Mid-Atlantic Snowboard Series Regional Finals, the Maryland Governor's Cup, and The Wisp Cup.

The boxes were separated into individual and corporate entries, and judged on design and speed. There were 29 entries, 16 individuals and 13 corporate. They raced down Bear Claw Tubing Park, and finished when they reached a huge Red Bull arc. First place winners took home a cash prize of 75 dollars, second place took 50 dollars, and third place took 25 dollars.

The winner for the individual design went to Zak Brosnihan of McHenry, MD. He had his boxcar designed as a -Snowscalade" was decked out with an engine under the hood, rims on the wheels, and even a Cadillac symbol on the front. Zak was heard saying that he put four months of work into his creation, and the work sure paid off. Not only did Zak win first place in individual design, but he also took home second place in the speed competition with a time of 15.92 seconds! He was beat by The Carpenter Family who entered a Noah's Arc inspired boxcar, which pulled in a time of 15.04.

From fancy to funny, this was boxcar derby fun
In the corporate design competition Long and Foster Realty of McHenry, MD took the prize for first place, covering their car with advertisements for their company. Long and Foster, as well as the second place winners, Lohr Distributing and Pro Auto, donated their cash prize back to the Lions Club.

The Wisp Ski School and Rental Shop took home the Traveling Corporate Trophy, taking it away from last year's winner Bill's Marine with a time of 13.21. They designed their boxcar like a school bus, but added no windows so that when they flew down the hill they had no idea that they had passed the finish line. The bus had to be stopped by the cautionary wall. They were greeted by much applause; they seemed to be a crowd favorite.

Racing in the Cool Bus
The atmosphere was exciting and it was a beautiful, sunny day. There was music blasting and everyone was just happy to be there showing off the boxcar that they had worked hard on.

I had the chance to talk to a number of the people there about how they got the inspiration for their boxcar. One group of boys entered a car that was a -Jamaican Bobsled" inspired by their father. After their boxcar crashed halfway down the track they got out of their cardboard "bobsled" and got back their momentum in true racing form.

The Pink Ladies know how to have a good time
Another standout was Trevor Green, who took home second place in the individual design category. He entered his car called the Green Hornet which was shaped into a hornet. Another group that stood out in the crowd was The Pink Ladies, who had a 50's Grease styled car and wardrobe. Their cardboard masterpiece was decked out in bright pink, and they even decorated themselves with feather boas and pink hair. Although they didn't take home any awards, it was obvious that they were there just for the fun of it all.

For the Record: WinterBlast is something that I think everyone should check out next year, no matter what your age. I was lucky enough to attend the Cardboard Boxcar Derby at Bear Claw Snow Tubing Park, which benefits the Lions Club Blind Skiers, and it was one of the best times I have had all winter. Creativity was flowing and it was a blast watching kids show off their creations, and adults having fun acting like a kid again. I would personally like to thank Lions Club and Wisp for providing such a fun event for people to get out of their houses and enjoy the outdoors. Hope to see you next year!