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Saturday, October 13, 2007 -- Fairmont, WV / Valley Falls State Park
Valley Falls 10 and 6 Mile Trail Run - MSTR #6 (iPO Event Id#: 10044)

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10 MILE RUN Men 15-19
16Patrick Bonasso1:15:48
10 MILE RUN Women 20-29
***25Ashley Dolin1:35:46
126Chrissy Paulson1:35:50
10 MILE RUN Men 20-29
14Mike Dolin1:13:58
210Matt Kime1:18:58
315Chris Hardie1:24:44
10 MILE RUN Women 30-39
131Shannon Reed1:44:30
10 MILE RUN Men 30-39
***1Michael Bee1:06:35
***2Paul Davis1:12:27
13David Bee1:13:42
25Chris Bennon1:15:07
37Corey LaBrasseur1:15:49
413Luke Gregory1:22:38
514Brian Penrose1:22:46
616Charles Davis1:25:34
717Gene Lewis1:25:44
818Tom Kelly1:26:41
924Brian Duncan1:35:16
1027Paul Haywood1:36:53
1130Chris Waldeck1:41:38
1233Jerry Sims1:56:10
10 MILE RUN Women 40-49
128Sandy Offutt1:38:15
10 MILE RUN Men 40-49
19Lew McGrath1:16:09
211Jim Cummings1:20:23
323Morris Tony1:34:50
429Tim Gray1:40:56
532Peter Daly1:45:15
10 MILE RUN Women 50 +
***20Kim Simon1:28:42
10 MILE RUN Men 50-59
18Ron Hamric1:16:08
212Daniel Lehmann1:21:34
322David Hatten1:30:24
10 MILE RUN Men 60-69
119Edward Sims1:27:31
221Lowell Bee1:29:24
10K RUN Women 20-29
***3Erika Thompson49:28:00
***7Bonnie Ammons1:01:17
19Stephanie Zorio1:05:58
10K RUN Men 20-29
***2Tim Smith46:54:00
15Jeff Ammons52:02:00
10K RUN Men 30-39
14Erick Roskos50:12:00
212Michael Hamilton1:12:49
314Mike Bradford1:18:16
10K RUN Women 40-49
18Heidi Everson1:04:30
210Teresa Ray1:07:09
311Michelle Hamric1:10:35
10K RUN Men 40-49
***1Mark Offutt43:01:00
16Matt Scanlon1:01:05
10K RUN Women 50 +
113Kim Kime1:17:41
10K RUN Men 50-59
115Mark Thorne1:28:42

*** First and Second overall male and female award winners not eligible for age group awards.