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Sunday, May 2, 2010 -- Parkersburg, WV / Mountwood Park
Simonton Windows Challenge at Mountwood - WVMBA #2 (iPO Event Id#: 12481)

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Wet-N-Wild in Mountwood

Story by Chris Swarr with photos by Drew Smithberger.

Racers come and racers go, but one opponent is almost a perennial at the annual WVMBA Points Series Simonton Windows Challenge at Mountwood mountain bike race: wet weather.

Challenge at Mountwood
See more photos from the Challenge at Mountwood.
Set in scenic and historic Mountwood Park at the eastern edge of Wood County, WV, this year's race through the steep hills and dormant oil fields surrounding the 19th century boomtown of Volcano saw predictions for severe weather and abundant rain.

Nevertheless, slightly fewer than one hundred intrepid riders lined up at the start of the race and were faced with a course that -- go figure -- really wasn't all that bad.

Temperatures were pleasant, the lightning never materialized, and riding conditions were generally manageable thanks to the well-designed and well-kept trails built and maintained by the River Valley Mountain Bike Association.

In the racing action Montana Miller blistered the 25-mile expert course for both the single-speed open class and the overall win. Racers Nathan Annon and Jonathan Martin filled out the single-cog podium.

Pro/Expert Men saw Jeremy Rowan eclipse Jason Cyr and Dustin Dokrieka for the victory, and in the Men's Vet Expert class John Powers took first followed by Shandon Hime and George Herriott. Men's Expert Masters was won by Scott Root, with Michael Boyes and Donald Ciampanelli in second and third, respectively.

Challenge at Mountwood
See more photos from the Challenge at Mountwood.
The Expert Women category was won by speedster Cassie Smith, while Ruth Cunningham and Clair Hitchcock nabbed the remaining top spots.

The Men's Sport blue ribbon was clinched by Timothy Williams on the 17-mile course, and Joshua Martin and Ryan Smith were next in this hotly contested class.

Scott Benson grabbed the Men's Sport Vet win, followed by Danny Welsh and Anthony Dickens.

Sport Masters was taken by Lew McGrath; Joe Keegan and W. M. Baisden pulled second and third.

Finally, the Men's Sport Grand Master class victory was snatched by local hoss Dave "Grand Master Flash" Bloomer, with Ron Salisbury sliding into second place. Women's Sport saw Erica Kopanic edge Alena Klimas for the win in this class. Judy Blough won Women's Vet Sport and Cooper Damiana placed second.

The Men's High School classification was taken by Mitchell Taylor; Skyler Terrell railed into second.

The Clydesdale category gold was won by John Barnett, with Dennis Scott and Chris Clark reigning in the silver and bronze. John's son, J. D. Barnett followed his Dad's lead with a win in the Men's 14 & under, and James Hinzman took second with Clayton Peebles in third.

Beginner Men was won by Chris White; Chris Reed snagged second and Brandon "This Course Puts the Clay in Claywood" Feick rolled for third.

Challenge at Mountwood
See more photos from the Challenge at Mountwood.
The Beginner Women's class top finisher was Cole Smith, and Britt Ritchie and Kim "Don't Need No Front Brakes" Coram pinned the remaining places.

Thanks go out to all the sponsors of this year's Challenge, including:

Simonton Windows; Vienna Bicycle Shop; Parkersburg Bicycle;; Mother Earth Foods; Leavitt Funeral Home;

Barker Bradley Blinn;; Enterprise Rent-a-Car;

Miller Door, Inc.; Wood County Emergency Communications;

Janney; Solvay; Deerwalk VFD; Foodland; Dimex Corporation;

North Bend Outfitters; Pepsi; Bob's Bicycle Shop;; Ruben's Deli and Catering, Inc.; Ketel 1 Team Wear

Finally, a big thank you goes out to Mountwood Park, the Friends of Mountwood, the River Valley Mountain Bike Association, the Wood County Commission, race director Duane Jones, and all the volunteers who worked so hard to pull off another successful, well-executed race. We'll see you again in 2011!


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