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Saturday, June 12, 2010 -- Bruceton Mills, WV / Big Bear Lake
Big Bear Lake Mountain Fest
"Big Bear 2 X 12"
(iPO Event Id#: 12718)

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X-C Mountain Bike Duo Team Relay Race
& Mountain Festival
. 2X12 starts at 10am

Big Bear Lake Camplands will host a mountain festival on the weekend (6-12-10) that normally is the Granny Gear 24 Hours of Big Bear. It will include the Big Bear "2 x 12" race, live foot stomping mountain music and micro brew tasting.

Racing will be on a 12 mile technical single track loop in which duo teams compete in a relay style race. Expert classes will compete in duo teams and will ride 3 laps each. Sport classes will compete in duo teams and will ride 2 laps each.


    Register Online with

    [Entry Form] -- Must be postmarked by June 4th

    Entry Fees . License Required

    Fees are Duo open $75 per person, Sport classes $65 per person
    WVMBA membership or $5 per person one day WVMBA membership

    On site registration Friday June 11 from 1:00 pm to 9:00pm only

    $10 late fee applies (this race may fill to capacity before Friday)


    1st place male duo open $1000 cash winner takes all
    1st place female duo open $1000 cash winner takes all
    1st place coed open $1000 cash winner takes all
    1st place single speed duo open $1000 cash winner takes all
    Sport classes and open classes will receive a hand made stein at least

    3 places deep ... Awards will start at 7:00 pm

Big Bear Lake Photo by Don Parks
Marc Glass enjoys the trails at Big Bear Lake

Open Friday (at 1:00) and Saturday nights on top of the mountain
Free camping, music and brew tasting for all racers
$20 per person for general admission (includes camping, music and brew tasting).

Classes . . . Field limit is 200 teams.

    Duo male open
    Duo coed open
    Duo single speed
    Duo male sport
    Duo female sport
    Duo Coed Sport
    Duo male vet sport 35+
    Duo female vet sport 35+
    Duo male masters sport 45+
    Duo Clydesdale (200+ lbs each)

    * All age classifications are based on the age of each racer as of December 31st of the current year. The minimum age for racing is 12.



    Starts at 7:00 and runs late. Bands to be announced

    Micro Brews - A selection of the finest brews from the Morgantown Brewing Company and Mountain State Brewing Company.

    Food Service - Monroe's Deli will be providing food service on Saturday ($)

    Kids Race - Sponsored by Nationwide Insurance The Smith Agency

    A true single track course for the experienced younger racers and an easier course for the wee ones. Starts at 5:30 and awards at 6:30.

Starting Procedure

Each team must have a first rider designated to start the race. They must check in at the timing table at least 30 minutes prior to the start of the race. They will receive their baton for the first lap when they log-in. The race will start at the bottom of the entrance road with racers sprinting up the graveled road and through the start/finish tent. There will not be a Le-Mans start.

Pre-race meeting

The first rider from each team must attend the 9:30 pre-race meeting. All racers are encouraged to attend.


Big Bear Lake Camplands, Morgantown Brewing,, Dirt Rag, Cannondale, Hammer Nutrition, Pathfinder, Wamsley Cycles

High Mountain Sports, Aquafina, Monroe's Deli
United Dairy, Preston Silver Eagle

Jay and Jeff Smith Insurance, Inc. 301 East Main St. Kingwood, WV

Special Race Rules

    1. Sport classes may have no more than one expert per duo team. If a protest is filed a sport team may be disqualified if both riders have previously competed as expert riders in a mountain biking event.

    2. The race course start will close at 5:30 pm. No riders will be permitted to start a new lap regardless of number of laps completed.

    3. Each team rider must carry a baton to be passed to the next rider. The baton must be handed to the timing official between laps to be scored. Any racer requesting a replacement baton for a lost baton will be issued a replacement after a 2 minute holding penalty.

    4. Each team rider must complete the specified number of laps. Open class riders must complete 3 laps each and sport class riders must complete 2 laps each. Laps may be ran consecutively (racers may complete 2 laps and then teammate may complete the next 2 laps) however, you must pass the baton to the timing official to be scored for the lap.

    5. It is the team's responsibility to verify that each racer is logged-in and logged-out correctly. Race officials may request to see your race number on your back or your handlebar at any time. When the next racer receives the baton from the timing official, they should repeat their team # and name.

    6. In the event of imminent danger due to weather or another extenuating circumstance the race director may call the race and close the course. No racers will be permitted to start any additional laps after the course is closed. Final results will be based on finishing position of the last racer on the course at the time of the closure.

    7. Racers must display their race number on the outer most layer of clothing and display the bike handlebar number on the front of their bikes, whenever on course. No modifications may be made to the number plate.

    General Racing Rules

    8. Ignorance of the rules is not an excuse. All racers are expected to understand and comply with these rules.

    9. Racers must complete each lap on the same bicycle they used to start the lap.

    10. Racers must perform their own bike repairs.

    11. Racers must carry their own spare parts and tools. Cannibalizing of other bikes is not permitted.

    12. Food and water can be taken from anyone, anywhere on the course.

    13. Racers taking food or water must not impede the progress of other racers.

    14. Racers riding bicycles have the right of way over racers pushing bicycles. When practical, racers pushing should yield the most rideable portion of the trail when being passed.

    15. A racer pushing or carrying his or her bicycle can overtake a racer riding his bicycle provided that it does not interfere with the riding racer.

    16. Riders must alert those they are passing (lapping) vocally using the announcements "PASSING on your LEFT (RIGHT)!" or "TRACK LEFT (RIGHT)!" It is the responsibility of the passing rider to overtake safely. Riders being lapped must yield at the first reasonable opportunity.

    17. When two riders are vying for position, the leading rider does not necessarily have to yield position to the challenging rider. However, a rider may not bodily interfere, intending to impede another rider's progress; this is considered to be highly unsportsmanlike behavior.

    18. Short-cutting the course by any racer shall result in a disqualification.

    19. Foul riding, use of profane or abusive language and other unsportsmanlike behavior will be taken very seriously. Such behavior by any racer shall result in a warning or disqualification. This will be strictly applied when such behavior is directed at course officials, volunteers or spectators. The penalty imposed is at the discretion of the race director.

    20. Federal, state and county laws and ordinances will be abided by at all times.

    21. Only riders officially registered in the event or persons designated by the promoter should ride on the racecourse during the event.

    22. Protests can be made only by registered racers. Protests will be made in writing and delivered to the race director any time after the end of the race, up to 30 minutes after the posting of the final results. Protests should contain any information that supports the protest, including description of the incident, witnesses, names, addresses, phone numbers and signature of protestor. A $25 fee shall be submitted, in cash, with the protest. The race director, after his own discovery, will promptly rule on the protest. The fee will be forfeited to the race director if the protest is denied or refunded if the protest is upheld.

    23. The race director has the final say in any ruling.

    24. Wearing of a helmet is mandatory while warming-up for, or racing in, any WVMBA sanctioned event.

    25. Bicycles shall be in good repair with both front and back brakes in good working order.

    26. Violation of any of the above rules may result in disqualification


Big Bear Lake Camplands
450 Big Bear Lake Road, Bruceton Mills, WV 26525
(phone) 304-379-4382

To get to Big Bear Lake take I-68 to the Hazelton Exit (WV exit 29) and go south (left if you are coming on I-68 West, right if you are coming on I-68 East). Follow this road 3 miles to the guard shack at Big Bear Lake.

[Google Map to Big Bear]

Start Date: 2010-06-12
Event Name: Big Bear Lake Mountain Fest & 2X12
Location(s): Bruceton Mills, WV 26525
Big Bear Lake
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Contact(s): Mark Schooley
   Phone: 304-379-4382
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